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The Legend of Barfus is the first RPG that casts the player as a completely evil monster character. Barfus was an evil megalomaniacal warrior who killed mercilessly. Upon death Barfus' soul is revived by Vedal, who is amassing his own undead dungeon army. This is where the game starts, as the player takes over the resurrected Barfus, currently weakened in his reborn state. The first chapter of the game (an almost finished, playable version available here) sees Barfus take on various quests given to him by Vedal, ultimately overtaking "Pleasantville" a nearby town.

This game is completely free to download and distribute (please note: intellectual copyright applies in the concepts and structures). It was created with RPG MAKER 95.



Matthew Sanderson: design, production, sound, music, manipulations

Brian LaCount: introduction image "grin" - see more at: Brian LaCount's Artwork: The Oculus

Ascii: RPG95 software

KanjiHack and The Don: Rpg95 translation -

Various unkown authors of tile art. If you feel you should be given credit here please send an e-mail.

This RPG Maker WebRing site is owned by Barfus.

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